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I have been eating at the Wayland Uccello's Ristorante for over 5 years so a friend and I decided to try it for New Years since my other half works at the casino and my friend and I didn't want to drive too far from home.THE SERVICE & PARTY SUCKED!

We got there about 7 pm because we wanted to have dinner first and our waitress took our order and NEVER returned except to get the bill at which time I informed her we would be STAYING until midnight! She NEVER came back so I waved down another waitress so we could get dessert and then drinks later on. The waitresses walked by passing out party favors and we got NOTHING, when I asked about it I was told they didn't have anything left but I watched them continue to pass out favors to other patrons which was extremely RUDE in my book. I spent good money to eat and drink and was ignored the entire night even after I got up and moved to the bar area because I thought maybe that was the reason we were being ignored but that made NO DIFFERENCE!

The DJ SUCKED and refused requests despite myself and 3 others telling him what people wanted to hear, he played the same song 3 times in an hour and a few people danced until he went back to the same GARBAGE that cleared the dance floor every time!I will NEVER go back there again for New Years and not sure if I will EVER spend my money there again to be honest, to be treated like that was just plain RUDE!


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